Mint Gallery Team

Production Manager and Owner - Murray Eskdale

Originally from the UK, Murray fell in love with New Zealand during a backpacking trip in 2007 and has since made Dunedin his home. His passion lies not only in photography, but also in producing and exhibiting work for others. He has studied and worked in the industry since leaving school.

Having worked in a bank for several years, Murray realised he wanted to do something more. Enrolling at Reading School of Art and Design, Murray gained a BA Hons in Photography and Digital Imaging, specialising in Art Photography. He was particularly drawn to architectural and industrial themes, which in time became the main focus of his work.

Following graduation, Murray was able to engage his talents as Production Manager for Hyatt Studios in the U.K. In this role, he built on his studies and honed his skills: editing and retouching images, Photoshop, and printing and finishing for a group of portrait and wedding photographers. He also undertook the general management of production for the studio.

Arriving in New Zealand in 2007, Murray travelled the country for five months before settling in Dunedin permanently. He has worked as a photographer, printer and framer in Dunedin since 2008, culminating wtih opening Mint Gallery on October 15, 2011.

Production Assistant - Justin Spiers 

The newest addition to the team, Justin is an award-winning photographer, having worked and exhibited throughout Australia. With his extensive knowledge of and passion for New Zealand art, Justin is a great asset to the gallery.