'From Fordell' Samantha Matthews

by Samantha Matthews

Mint Gallery welcomes back Samantha Matthews with her latest body of work, From Fordell.  An exhibition in Samantha's stark signature style - photographs exploring social spaces and places, the people who use them and, in this latest series, nostalgia and the revisit. 

Fordell is the small rural village that Samantha called home for the first years of her life. The exhibition is a collection of spaces and places that shaped the photographer's early memories

"the house I lived in till I was 7 years old, my old primary school, the pool, the community hall".

Samantha again brings us her recurring themes - interior and exterior space, horizontality, the vernacular, marks made by strangers, the banal everyday. Unlike her past work, however, which explored her experiences travelling New Zealand, this deeply personal exhibition brings her back to a source point of personal experience, perspective and memory.

As she was shooting the images, Samantha was challenged by nostalgia:"the personal dialogue with objectivity was unexpected, and changed the meaning behind the work for me".


Installation photographs by the artist herself, Samantha Matthews.