'This Changes Everything' James Robinson

by James Robinson

This exhibition includes work from two recent "away missions" undertaken by James. One the abandoned maternity hospital in Southland (William Hodges Residency) and Dunmoochin Foundation, St Andrews, outside Melbourne, Australia.

The title (taken from Naomi Klien's book of the same name) is how James processes Joseph Campbell's mythology and integrates it into the demise of ecological systems as Klein has thoroughly proven. The work is a response thats animal, immediate and honest.

Langauge and art are the first bastion of consciousness as a species. Art has a responsibility to "ring the bell" as much as scientists, politicians and buisness people do to change course of this "Titanic" we are living in.

Both residencies were accompanied by catalogues and essays by poet writers Cilla McQueen and David Eggleton.