Bright Chrysalis

by Martyn Roberts

'The wounded, the bruised, the blooded, the cut, the dulled, the bright chrysalis'

This exhibition comprises photography by Dunedin artist Martyn Roberts (BA, MFA) from a series

working with the subject of the wound. Using a special effects artist (Zoe Armstrong SFX) and

models, the images are posed to make the viewer question the wounded within the void. Is the

wound the inner wound manifest? Is it nonchalance? Is there a recoil upon seeing? Is it beauty?

Are we all carrying the wound?

Bright Chrysalis builds on Martyn's work as a lighting designer and especially in his work with low

light, dark spaces and the mysterious form of the human in the void. In his award-winning light

installation Dark Matter, the human form is almost swallowed up by the dense inky black of



All images are available in a limited 5 print run Print only $450.00 

Framing available from an additional $250.00 (through Mint Gallery)