by Philip Madill

'Conjunctures' examines the industrialisation of virtual technology over the last two hundred years as a series of interconnecting time frames. The drawings were developed from a variety of historical photographs to construct composite images that reference both rapid technological change and their long-term social impacts. This concept was inspired by the work of FrenchAnnaleshistorian Fernand Braudel, who argued that historical time was not simply a linear series of events, but part of a larger system of interacting time durations. He divided historical time into the short-term (event, political history, and individuals), the medium term (structures of society, social political systems, economic and demographic trends and cycles etc., and elements of human life which operate over a period of centuries), and the long-term, orlongue duree, which incorporates those slow moving structures of enduring and barely changing factors such as the physical environment, natural resources, long lasting technologies.      



Philip Madill