Desi Liversage

by Desi Liversage

Artist Statement:

Fashion trend forecaster Li Edelkoort published an Anti Fashion Manifesto, outlining reasons why she believes the fashion industry is buckling under its own hubris. The works in this show illustrate the points which I believe to be the most relevant.

Fast fashion dictates bigger, better, faster, more, throwaway, and in doing so, exploits the resources of the planet and those of the proletariat in developing countries. And we, the consumers, are complicit in this pursuit of the shoddy and the bland. Our point of view has become a tiny dot of mindlessly embracing uniformity and mediocrity.

Intensification of cotton growing has led to water being diverted from food growing and desertification. We wreak further havoc on the waterways by introducing petrochemical synthetic dyes, fixed with toxic heavy metal salts. 

Textiles are amongst out biggest throwaway landfill items, adding to our methane mess and our carbon footprint, thereby adding to our climate chaos.

Fashion Kills. Think of Rana Plaza and the 1139 souls who died to make cheap clothes for us to throw away. 

Fashion is dead. Long live clothes!