by Murray Eskdale

In a sophisticated collection of temporal concepts, Flux is designed so that each piece is a purposeful, distinct experience, whilst the overall collection also exists in and of itself - more than a sum of all the parts.

 What is experienced through the eyes of a building? What does a structure see? Sturdiness deceptively creates a sense of permanence. What is a building before it is built? What is a building after it is unbuilt?   

 What can be seen in an image apart from what has been directly captured? Images evoke feelings and emotions. Where do these feelings come from? From the subject itself? Or from the way it has been portrayed? How much comes from ourselves?

 The artist particularly wants viewers to interpret this collection, in its many parts and as a whole, in order to discover their own meanings. 


Size: Print 600x400mm

Edition: 5

Price: $695 framed in dark wood box frame as displayed in gallery.

Un-framed prints also available for $490.