by Eliot Coates

While the Earth's processes are active now, they have also been in motion for many millions of years and will continue in perpetuity.


Using gathered images, the origins of which are often unknown, this series of immersive and contemplative works presents the viewer not with specific places or events, but rather a series of hypothetical landscapes and moments. These imagined images capture the essence and force of geothermal activity.


Ambiguity is achieved by omitting details that may otherwise fix the images in a specificity of place or time. Legible enough to be perceivable, the subtle and introspective nature of the work frees the subject matter from the specific or concrete.


The images begin to dissolve as one's eye approaches the edge of the canvas. Intelligent use of negative space works to emphasise positive elements. Light meets dark, distance and scale are indeterminate, time becomes obsolete.


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