Kali Yuga Blues

by Brendan Jon Philip

This new body of work returns primarily to the emblem of the skull as an essential human signifier. Stripping away surface appearances of flesh and form, the skull denotes a universal humanity in its most material essence. Upon this essence metaphysical and esoteric conjectures are projected as a means of considering the human condition. Pop culture inflected aesthetic borrowing heavily from punk and psychedelic rock music is presented as a creative yet dissonant response to a culture of mediated apocalypticism and presents the state of being a perpetual and petulant drawing of light out of darkness.

Brendan studied at Whitecliffe College of Art and Design and Elam School of Fine Arts, as well as receiving Distinction in Film and Media Studies at the University of Otago. Brendan is currently a practicing artist, engaged with experimental aesthetics in a variety of projects, spaces, and media throughout New Zealand.