Keto's Monsters

by Anthea Ibell

Historically the ocean was seen as an uncertain and dangerous void between terrestrial lands. In the 50's and 60's the development of SCUBA and underwater camera equipment allowed investigation of the unknown that was once thought to be filled with ship sinking monsters. People such as Cousteau and Ron and Valerie Taylor, brought this underwater environment into people's homes with photos and videos of amazing creatures and complex ecosystems.


Many of the 'monsters' were revealed to be creatures that are complex, adapted and generally not harmful. The shift from the view that the ocean is filled with monsters, to the idea that each animal fills its role in the ecosystem is still in progress. Many shark species are declining due to Asia's shark fin market, Leafy Sea Dragons are threatened due to their popularity in the aquarium trade and Florida Manatees are endangered from boat traffic.


Thank you to the Our World-Underwater Scholarship Society and Rolex for giving young people like myself the opportunity to learn and experience the ocean in it's full beauty.


 KETO - Greek. A sea monster that was married to the Greek god Phorcys. Their offspring were the Graeae and the Gorgons. Her name translates as 'sea monster' or 'whale'. Worshiped as the goddess of all the sea monsters of the ocean, she represents the terrors of the seas.


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