Mad Cow Disease

by Richard Munro

My prints are taken primarily from the stencil/graffiti art that adorns many of the streets, alleys and nooks around Dunedin. I wanted to record these works and the space that they take because for many, the lifetime of a graffiti piece is fleeting, with many being painted over/vandalized  and then they are lost to us. Which in my mind is tragic, losing something that adds color, culture and character to our city. My goal is to be able to get people to think a little more about what they see around them especially in regard to graffiti and when they look at it, is it really graffiti or art? and why it is that, when it is photogrphed and stripped from the alleys and printed and framed why does it achieve "art" status while the original stencil is left to be cleaned up as vandalism.