Structurally Sound

by Murray Eskdale

'Structurally sound' gathers together images from around the globe. The overall style - simple patterns found in complex architecture - is developed further from earlier collections, with less focus on literal architectural forms and more attention to interiors over exteriors. As in past exhibitions, symmetry is a key component.

Stark contrast, combined with subtle details, creates both drama and lingering interest. Skilled placement of human figures breaks the symmetry, adding further visual intrigue. The overall 'metallic' feel of the images is compounded by experimentation with production. The glossy prints are mounted on aluminium, creating unified photographic artworks and completing the artist's initial intention.

Eerily empty scenes from some of the world's busiest locations are combined with those of hasty figures frozen in the moment, purposefully unbalancing the symmetry of the exhibition set. The notion of visual equilibrium - stretched farther than just reflection and repetition - is found in less obvious symmetry within and between images.