The recent violence he represents, come to be emotional simplicity

by James Bellaney

I love the process of painting with watercolours, the reaction of the medium together with the surface. Watercolour forbids me to claim anything as a mistake. Every organic mark made on the page reveals a history, evolving into a finished work that is raw and visceral. Patience and acceptance is itself an important part of the process.


The title of this body of work was discovered through the process of cut up words from a random art article, shuffled and simplified.


With the colours I want to emphasize time and earthly elements such as earth, water, wind and bone. Reflecting the emotional content of Patatuanuku and conecting thepersonal potential inspired by the hidden, dark inner worlds. These are places not only of death but also of beggining. They are places of refuge for 'Hine Nui Te Po' (Godess of the underworld) who resides in shame, and 'Tahwhiamatea' (God of the weather) who bears a constant grudge against his brothers. Also Tane, who split the Mother and Father allowing light and revealing all. I am also inspired by Dante's Inferno and his descent into the underworld.