Bright Chrysalis

Award winning designer Martyn Roberts (Dark Matterandwai=rua=A=line=near) is exhibiting a series of photoworks in the forthcoming 2017 Dunedin Fringe Festival. CalledBright Chrysalis, it is an continuation of Martyn working with low light images (as in his experimental work with theafterburnercompany). This time he has brought in local special effects make up artist Zoe Armstrong (Zoe Armstrong SFX) to create wounds to the bodies of the models, where he then shoots the images in a low light environment. However there is a twist! Not all the images are in fact make up, so while the viewer may see the realistic looking wounds as being 'not real', they may not actually know that some of what they are seeing could be a true wound! (Some models offered up their actual wounds for photographing).

 The idea behind Bright Chrysalis is about making our collective societal wounds manifest in a visual form. Wounds are so often hidden, and thereforeBright Chrysalisexposes and reveals our own thoughts about the internal being spilled out of the body, be it in a subtly wounded way. While it avoids being cartoonishly gorey,Bright Chrysalisremains disturbing nonetheless. The images will intrigue, and provoke.