Current and coming soon

Daniel Anngow is opening his new exhibition of paintings 'Pavement Sunrise' at Mint on Friday 19th October at 5:30. Get yourselves down to the gallery this week to have a look at this vairied body of textured abstract paintings. Look into the paintings and see if you can find the obscured but detailed faces and characters within. The exhibition ends on Thursday 25th October.


On Friday 26th October Tara Douglas opens her new show 'Karucha Shoku / Culture Shock' 

This series is a visual representation of the feeling of culture shock experienced while Tara was living in Japan during November and December of 2011.

Influenced by traditional Japanese masks, the focus is on what it feels like to experience culture shock; to be at once immersed in, and shielding yourself from the foreign culture.

A combination of printmaking, paper craft, body art and traditional photographic techniques go into making these large scale photographs.