don't quite belong

Dunedin-based photographer Samantha Matthews presents her solo exhibition Don't Quite Belong.

This collection of stark works captures moments from contemporary New Zealand. Although empty of people, these places are anything but desolate. They are well-used, worn; in some cases run down and dilapidated. The traces of the people remain. With this approach, Samantha has documented fragments of history, not of glorious achievements, but of communties and ordinary events - church weddings, club meetings, everyday work activities. Some of the locations have now been demolished, built over and forgotten.This series of photographs therefore serves to preserve important ethnographic history for ordinary people - just look at the image above, can you imagine all the comings and goings?

Samantha's technical skills with the camera would be enviable to photographers many years her senior. She holds a Masters of Art and Design degree with honours from AUT University, Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Art from the Dunedin School of Art and a Bachelor of Applied Visual Imaging from UCOL. She won numerous awards from the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography Iris Awards and was selected as a finalist for the 2014 National Contemporary Art Award.