New Directions

The first opening of the year at Mint gallery is on 8th February. Artists James Bellaney and Murray Eskdale show their newest work both having a new slant for the new year.

James Bellaney who brought us 'Tohunga ta whakaahua whenua' shows his beautiful, layered abstract style refining and progressing in a new medium. In 'The recent violence he represents, come to be emotional simplicity' James introduces his recent watercolour works.

"I love the process of painting with watercolours, the reaction of the medium together with the surface. Watercolour forbids me to claim anything as a mistake. Every organic mark made on the page reveals a history, evolving into a finished work that is raw and visceral. Patience and acceptance is itself an important part of the process." James Bellaney.

Murray Eskdale carries on his photographic style with a different kind of subject. Instead of the man made architectural/industrial spaces we are used to seeing from him, he turns his focus to more natural beauty. 'Place' is a series of photographs of New Zealand landscapes which aims to represent the feeling of more natural landscape without nesecarily showing a specific location. 

The opening for both shows is Friday 8th February 5:30pm at Mint Gallery and runs to the end of the month.