Reset The Moon

Daniel Anngow brings his latest body of work to Mint Gallery.    Reset the Moon is a mixture of Daniel's large abstract paintings and some one off mixed media prints.

'This ceaseless feeling of surreal perspective came over me one 
bitter winters night as the wind howled and the 
overbearing clouds moved swiftly through the atmosphere.
I found myself focused on the moon in the star strewn yet cloudy winters sky
looking into a shadow of a man, pointing and waving at me,
he was smiling and I felt as if he knew me, it appeared
as if he watched over the world like a guardian of earth in his hole in the heavens, 
the moon resembled just a little ships portal window
Into his reality and his life above.
The moon felt just out of reach as many things are in life,
staring us blankly in the face yet we are unable to understand,
yet believe we understand fully.
What is the purpose of life if we know not life's purpose?
I watched him for a few more minutes
and after a little time had passed
I was left staring blankly at rock again and a little mesmerised by what my mind had perceived I had seen.
This feeling influenced me greatly,
the idea of how something can seem so close yet just out of reach,
how light in form does not exist without the eye,
how experience is supposedly processed by the brain
yet we are only on the tip of understanding how this complex and fundamental part
of our everyday existence in life works. 
I find myself watching the moon still from time to time,
the inhabitants of it slowly pulling down the hatch 
and swinging on its hinges,  just a little every night,
until it opens fully again
Resetting itself and its place in the sky.'
Daniel Anngow