This World Is Your Oyster

Peter Lewis has been creating weird and wonderful 
collages for nearly 25 years. His works are 
intricately-constructed worlds of dark cuteness 
where the normal rules of proportion and gravity 
may not necessarily apply and where 
seemingly-symbolic objects may turn out to be mere red herrings.

Peter takes inspiration from collage legends like 
Max Ernst, Hannah Hoch and Winston Smith, as well 
as "lowbrow" artists like Robert Williams and 
Mark Ryden. It was therefore something of a dream 
come true when he was recently offered the chance 
to be a part of a group show at the legendary La 
Luz De Jesus gallery in LA, the home of the lowbrow art movement.

Peter's work has featured on album covers and in 
group shows in several countries as well as US 
art magazines Churn and Fifth Avenue. In 2010 he 
was chosen for inclusion in the book "Masters: 
Collage. Major Works by Leading Artists" released 
by US art publisher Lark Books.

'This World Is Your Oyster' is a collection of 
works inspired by Peter's recent trip to the US. 
Thanks to the generosity of friends and 
crowdfunders he was able to attend his first US 
show in Portland and spend two days in San 
Francisco with his art hero and mentor, master 
collage artist Winston Smith (Dead Kennedys, 
Green Day, Ben Harper). Taking their cue from the 
feeling of constant motion that is international 
travel, many of these pieces seek to capture 
transitory moments - instead of being 
carefully-staged constructions they are snapshots 
in time, frozen for a second before all hell breaks loose again.

America is a vast collection of weird and 
wonderful places, lurid and bright and 
larger-than life, and what better way to 
celebrate that than with a series of weird and wonderful collaged worlds.